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If Judge Not reads like a movie, that's likely because it was a script before it was a book. If it reads like a novel, it's because I wanted to put the reader in Jonathon's head, as he's living it.

You can read more about Judge Not on its dedicated page. The story about the story is just as fascinating.
Contemporary science fiction was always a challenge for me, because my "amazing inventions" were already on the market, obsolete, or debunked. I had to learn to use existing science and technology in new ways.

The result: the Helix mini-series. According to a geneticist friend of mine, the science is frighteningly plausible.
After spending years listening to radio plays, I discovered I could write them fairly easily and consistently. One character, directly inspired by The Shadow, came to mind in 1993, and has been with me ever since. 

Check out the Fog of Dockside City page to find out some interesting developments about the series.
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Futuristic Science Fiction

There is a particular fantasy series my two best friends have been yelling at me to fix up and publish. And I will get there, but it's five books, and augh! the editing!

I'm currently working on a collection of novellas as well, involving a pernicious but loveable trickster god. Awkward situations abound.
There are two main series I want to pick up again.

One, set in 1944, is about a private investigator who has no tongue. How do you ask intelligent questions if you can't talk?

The other, set in 1538, is about an atheistic female butcher who begins seeing grotesque - but saintly - visions.
Okay, so I've got this one story that realy should be a graphic novel, but since I have all the visual artistic skill of a three-toed sloth, I think I'll stick to writing the story instead.

At the moment, [Futuristic Science Fiction Book] is way too long, and I'm not inclined to make it into another trilogy, so there's some work ahead. But man​, the visuals!

Paranormal Crime Fiction

A house in the country, hippy neighbours, a nasty ex, a dog, an eccentric family with a long, local history, and on vengeful spirit. "Mallory's Dog" is one part ghost story, one part mystery, and one part comedy.

Or at least, it is so far. Give me an extended holiday, and I'll finish it.

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