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Then, I got to thinking that if I wanted a career in writing, I could start by taking on editing contracts. What I picked up instead was a contract to novelize a movie script by Jonathon Parker. The result: Judge Not . We self-published that puppy, and it's still my top selling book.

Shortly thereafter, I self-published The Fog of Dockside City: The Obliteration Machine , loosely based on one of my radio play series. A year later, I published its sequel: The Ghastly Bargain.

Then, suddenly, things took off. My first short story accepted for publication. Then came Helix: Blight of Exiles . Then came Helix: Plague of Ghouls, and then Helix: Scourge of Bones was accepted for publication. Then another short story, and another! Exciting times!

During the day, I work at my full-time, bill-paying job. By night, I run , and in my "spare time", I run , a blog specializing in interviews. And once a year, I participate in the Muskoka Novel Marathon , a fundraiser for literacy programs in Ontario.

Never enough time in the day.
So, yeah...that picture's already older than I am. It is my personal Portrait of Dorian Gray. The more I look at it, the older I feel. 

I promise to post something a little more recent. At the very least, you now know what I look like, five years younger, with longish hair, while standing in front of an industrial fan. I've since given up the suit, added a ball cap, clipped the locks down to a pixie cut, and I can never find enough fans.

As for my personal backstory, I haven't much to tell. Been writing since I was seven (jumped straight to cursive because block letters were too slow). When I was eleven, my mother bought me a manual typewriter, stuck duct tape on all the letters, handed me a typewriting instruction manual she'd picked up at an auction, and told me to get cracking. (I presume it was because my cursive was a disaster.)

Throughout high school and university, I wrote like a fiend (I was too broke to socialize). But, despite having 40 novels, 65 two-act radio plays and a smattering of short stories, I sold no full-length story until after 20 years of trying to get published. I'd even been shortlisted for the Unhanged Arthur  for a historical mystery I'd written.
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